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Equinox Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT)


Low Level Light Therapy ( LLLT) or Metabolic Enhancement with Light Therapy ( MELT ) is the newest application of older therapies to eye care. It was found by NASA scientists doing experiments with light frequencies to grow plants on the Space Station that scientists using the light devices were healing wounds that were festering with the other astronauts. It was found that irradiated cell mitochondria were producing up to 15 times more ATP, the energy source, compared to the control group.

Low Level Light Therapy Fox News Segment

Low Level Light Therapy Fox News Segment

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Treatments last about 15 minutes and involve lying back with a mask that projects a bright light that warms the lids. This stimulates the mitochondrial cells and helps melt congestion in the lids. It is comfortable and doesn't interfere with function although it can take a few minutes to reacclimate to normal lighting.

Applications in eye care:

1) Dry eye and Meibomian Gland clogging

2) Stye and Chalazion treatment, even those non-responsive to standard treatment.

3) Blepharitis or eyelid inflammations

4) Rosacea

5) Investigations are ongoing for treatments of retinal issues including macular degeneration, glaucoma, retinitis pigmentosa, and virtually any process associated with reduced metabolic functioning.

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